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Growing List of Endorsements

Endorsed by

  • Yolo County Democratic Party
  • West Yolo Democratic Club
  • Yolo Education Association (YEA), the union of educators at the Yolo County Office of Education
  • Carpenters Local Union 46
  • UAW 5810 - the Union of Postdocs at UC
  • Davis Professional Firefighters Association, Local 3494

Elected Officials

Delaine Eastin, Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Mariko Yamada, Former State Assembly

Don Saylor, Yolo County Supervisor, District 2

Jim Provenza, Yolo County Supervisor, District 4

Betsy Marchand, Former Yolo County Supervisor, District 4

Jesse Ortiz, Yolo County Superintendent of Schools

Jorge Ayala, Former Yolo County Superintendent of Schools

William L. Owens, Yolo County Board of Education, Trustee Area 2 

Cirenio Rodgriguez, Yolo County Board of Education, Trustee Area 3 

Judy Moores, Former Yolo County Board of Education Trustee, Trustee Area 2

Alan Fernandes, Davis Joint Unified School District Board of Education Trustee

Madhavi Sunder, Former Davis Joint Unified School District Board of Education Trustee

Gina Daleiden, Former Davis Joint Unified School District Board of Education Trustee

Sheila Allen, Former Davis Joint Unified School District Board of Education Trustee

Tim Taylor, Former Davis Joint Unified School District Board of Education Trustee

Jorge Carrillo, Former Davis Joint Unified School District Board of Education Trustee

Brett Lee, Davis Mayor

Gloria Partida, Davis Mayor Pro Tem

Lucas Frerichs, Davis City Council Member

Will Arnold, Davis City Council Member

Richard Holdstock, Former Davis City Council Member

Jesse Loren, Winters City Council Member & Liaison to Hispanic Advisory to the City of Winters

Woody Fridae, Former Winters Mayor

Valerie Whitworth, Former Winters School Board Member

Rojelio Villagrana, Former Woodland Joint Unified School District Board of Education Trustee

Karen Rosenkilde Bayne, Woodland Joint Unified School District Board of Education Trustee

Norma Alcala, Washington Unified School District Board of Education Trustee

Enrique Fernandez, Woodland Mayor

This is a partial list.  Titles are listed for informational purposes only.


Community Members & Leaders

Janet Aguilar, Community Member

Carlos Alcala, Community Leader

Kathy Alcauskas, Community Member

R Amory, Community Member

Lars Anderson, Community Member

Agustin Antunez, Elementary School English Language Advisory Committee Chair

Angelina Arias-Dunlop, Winters Community Member & former Pioneer Principal

Cathy Arelano, Community Member

Rosario Arreola-Pro, Community Member

Shelly Bailes, Community Member

Erica Ballinger, Community Member

Grace Bassett, School PTA Leader

Deborah Bautista Zavala, Community Member

Delee Beavers, Community Member

Juliette Beck, Elementary School Climate Committee Chair

Lisa Bertain, Community Member

Safirah Bibi, University Researcher

Katelynn Bishop, Community Member

Ann E. Block, Lawyer

Elisabeth Bogren, Community Member

Rose Borunda, University Professor

Janet Boulware, Community Member

Nora Brazil, Elementary Librarian

Brooke Brandow, Community Member

Sarah Brown, Community Member

Peg Brush, Community Member

Nick Buxton, Community Member

Kerry Callahan, Former Pioneer High School Principal

Paul Cantini, Community Member

Marilu Carter, Community Member

Seth Castleman, Community Member

Ed Clemens, Community Member

Jacqueline “Jake” Clemens, Retired Teacher

Booker Cook, Community Member

Janis Cooke, Community Member

Steph Coleman, Community Member

Sheila Cordrey, Community Member

Tom Cross, Community Member

Melissa Dabel, former Davis Parent Nursery School Association President

Rhonda David, Community Member

Donna Davies, Community Member

Natalia Deeb-Sossa, University Faculty

Paul Dilley, Community College Faculty

Eva Dopico, Teacher

Elisabeth Dubin, Architect

Caitlyn Dunphy, Community Member

Rita Durgin, Community Member

Kristi Dvorak, Community Member

Lolita Echeverria-Greco, Community Leader

Rob Egel, Community Member

Kim Eichorn, Community Member

Nancy Erbstein, Community Member

Kim Everist, Community Member

Danielle Fodor, Community Member

Stacie Frerichs, Community Member

Russ Fulk, Community Member

Sherrill Futrell, Community Member

M E Gladis, Community Member

David Goldberg, California Teacher's Association Secretary

Lupe Gomez, Winters Community Member

Pilar Gonzalez-Gray, Elementary School Climate Committee Chair

Liza Grandia, University Professor

Chris Granger, Community Member

Steven Greco, University Professor

Barbara Greene, Community Member

Cecilia Greenwald, Recreation and Parks Commissioner

Laura Grindstaff, Community Member

Elizabeth Griswold, Community Member

Larry Gunther, Community Member

Mary Gustafson, former DPNS board member

Maria Gutierrez, Community Member

Eric Gutz, Community Member

Karin Hamilton, Community Member

Calvin Handy, Community Member

Susan Harmon, Community Member

Emily Henderson, Community Member

Mariah Hess, Preschool Teacher

LeAnn Herigstad, University Library Assistant

Merideth Herman, Community Member

Alan Hirsch, Community Member

Carol Holdstock, Winters Community Member

Anoosh Jarjorian, University Coordinator

Jerry Jimenez, Community Leader

Dean Johansson, Community Leader

Kevin Johnson, University Law Professor and Leader

Desmond Jolly, Community Member

Carl Jorgensen, University Sociology Professor

Edi Joy, Community Member

Carol Joyce, Community Member

Eliana Kaimowitz, Community Member

Rik Keller, Community Member

Heidi Kellison, Community Member

Will Kelly, Community Member

Al Konuwa, Retired Community College Administrator

Diann & Judy Kramer, Community Member

Cynthia Kroener, Artist

Norb Kumagai, Community Leader

David Kyle, Community Member

Katherine (Kate) Laddish, Community Member

Judy Leatherman, Garden Educator

Camille Leyson, Former DPNS Board Member

David Lichtenhan, Community Member

Tanya Liebeman, Community Member

Rachel Livingston, Community Member

Richard Livingston, Davis High School Retired Teacher, Community College Faculty

Jonathan London, Former Davis High Parent

Marion Lodon, Community Member

Peter London, Community Member

Belinda Lum, Community College Faculty

Craig Lundren, Community Member

Pamela Martineau, Community Member

Jennifer Martinez, Community Member

Tosi Marceline, Community Member

Rosalinda Martinez, Community Member

Linda Matthew, Community Member

Susan McKillop, Retired University Professor

Julia Menark-Warwick, University Professor

Linda Mendez, University Administrative Leader

Maura Metz, Community Member

Betsy Meux, MD & Parent

Beth Rose Middleton, University Faculty

Rob Milbrodt, Community Member

Greg Moffitt, Elementary School Principal

Eldridge Moores, Community Member

Mary Helen Moreno, Community Member

Saiful Muhammad, Community Member

James "Jerry" Murphy, Retired University Professor

Jann Murry Garcia, M.D., M.P.H., Former Davis High Parent

Olga Nevarez, Retired Principal

Suzanne & Aaron Nitzkin, Community Member

Gretchen Ngo, Community Member

Steven Nyholm, Elementary School PTA Vice President of Parent Education

Carol Nash Nyholm, Retired Educator

Charles Nyholm, Retired Teacher

Danny Ochoa, Community Member

Nora Oldwin, Community Leader

Lorena Oropeza, University Professor

Patsy Owens, Community Member

Lori Perez, Woodland Community Member and Parent

Ricardo Perez, School District Administrator

Cindy Pickett, Community Member

Rolando Pimentel, Community Member

Ellen Pontac, Community Member

Alan Pryor, Community Leader

Leticia Quirarte, Community Member

Jackie Radin, DPNS Director

Karolyn Ragsdale, Community Member

Rick Ramirez, Community College Faculty

Sean Raycraft, Community Leader

Gary Redmann, Community Member

Debbie Reed, Teacher

Rich Reed, Community Member

Gloria Rodriguez, Elementary Educator

Noel Rodriguez, Community Member

Robyn Rodriguez, University Professor and Department Chair

Channa Roe, Community Member

Eric Roe, Community Member

Nancy Roe, Community Member

Desiree Rojas, Community Leader

Laurie Rollins, Community Member

Ursula Ruffalo, Elementary School Principal

Joe Rundquist, Community Member

Khalid Saeed, Advocate for Yolo Muslim Community

Rijin Sahakian, University Director

Francisco Salazar, Community Member

Ingrid Salim, Teacher

Roger Salquist, Community Member

Olga Sanchez-Ochoa, Attorney

Sherri Sandberg, Community Member

Jane Schafer-Kramer, Community Member

Steven Schmidt, Community Member

Cherie Schroeder, Foster & Kinship Care Education Director

Stephanie Shanski, Community Member

Karen Shender, Community Member

Walt Sherwood, Community Member

Debra Skinner, PTA Leader

Barbara Slemmons, Community Member

Kate Snow, School Climate Coordinator

Lily Starling, Winters Community Member

Amy Sternad, Former DPNS Board Member

Douglas Stone, Community College Faculty

Gabriele Strener, Community Member

Doug Sulenta, Community Member

Deema Tamimi, Community Member

Stephan Telm, Community Member

Tracy Tomasky, Community Member

Ramon Urbano, Community Member

Jill Van Zanten, Community Member

Justine Villanueva, Community Member

Luanna Villanueva, Community Member

Bryce Vinokurov, Community Member

Erie Vitiello, Community Member

Debbie Ward, Community Member

Melinda Waring, Community Member

Robyn Waxman, Community Member

Kristin Weeks-Norton, Community Member

Kathy West, Community Member

Kelly Wilkerson, High School Teacher

Merline Williams, Community Member

Elizabeth Wisnia, Community Member

Carolina Wonder, Wonder Kids Yoga

Nance Woodbury, Community Member

Katie Yurcich, Community Member

Jill Zanten, Community Member

Rachel Zellner, Community Member

Sarah Zimmerman, City of Davis Arts Commission and Labor Organizer

This is a partial list.  Titles are listed for informational purposes only.


"Melissa’s combined life experience, community service, academic training and professional experience have engaged her in every aspect of education, particularly with regard to the needs of the most at risk students. She is ideally qualified to serve as Yolo County Board of Education Trustee, and to understand and support the programs of the Yolo County Office of Education." - Bill Owens, Current Trustee for Area 2 of the Yolo County Board of Education

"I have watched as Melissa Moreno has worked hard to actively engage, inspire, and advocate for her students at all levels.  Her background, education, experience and commitment to diversity and inclusion are more important today than ever, and I am proud to support her." - Mariko Yamada, Former State Assembly

"Melissa Moreno is my choice for Yolo County Board of Education to work for the children in Area 2.  We need voices like Melissa Moreno's in decisions that affect the future of vulnerable students.  Melissa Moreno is authentic.  She has my highest recommendation.  Can I say that in all caps?" - Don Saylor, Yolo County Supervisor for District 2

"I am proud to support Melissa Moreno for election as trustee for the Yolo County Office of Schools. Melissa's broad experience in the field of education together with her leadership and involvement in the community would make her an excellent addition the board. Most importantly, Melissa's commitment to special education and to serving the needs of our most vulnerable students make her uniquely qualified to serve. As a county supervisor, I look forward to working with Melissa Moreno to improve the quality of education for all students in Yolo County." - Jim Provenza, Yolo County Supervisor for District 4

"I have worked with Melissa and am inspired by her vision and commitment to education for all. We need passionate leaders in education like Melissa that understand an education is the best tool for a better future we can give our young people and by extension ourselves." - Gloria Partida, Davis Mayor Pro Tem

"Melissa has a powerhouse resume of service to our most needy clients in Yolo County with a deep connection to the various communities that the County Schools serve. Rebecca and I strongly support her candidacy for the Yolo County Board of Education." - Woody Fridae, Former Winters Mayor

"Dr. Moreno, you have my endorsement as the Mayor of Woodland. Good luck with your campaign!!" - Enrique Fernandez, Mayor of Woodland

"Dr. Moreno is the most innovative and qualified candidate for this position. She's worked all her life to serve the children and youth like the ones the YCBOE supports - Head Start, foster, disabled, and continuation. She'll bring a strong commitment, skills, and ethics to this board." - Norma Alcala, Washington Unified School District Board of Education Trustee

"I am a colleague of Melissa’s at our community college. I have always been impressed deeply by her level of commitment and attention to her students. Her primary concern has always been about providing a quality education for all students. I believe that on the County Board of Education she will be a tireless advocate for greater educational resources for children from all walks of life.- Douglas Stone, Community College Faculty

"Having worked with Dr. Moreno on SafeYolo, I was inspired and impressed by her knowledge, experience, advocacy and professionalism as an educator in Yolo County. From teacher’s aide to college professor – Dr. Melissa Moreno has done it all. We need someone with her experience, integrity and commitment to our students, who will be accountable and transparent, yet not afraid to speak the truth to people in power, and who will protect and empower all our children, including those who are most vulnerable." - Ann E. Block, Lawyer

"Melissa is a fearless champion of social justice and educational equity. She is committed to a future in which all children in Yolo County have the educational opportunities they need to succeed and thrive. She has demonstrated her creative leadership at Woodland Community College and brought her dedication to empowerment through culturally-based community development to the county as a whole.- Jonathan London, Former Davis High Parent

"Melissa's unique combination of classroom experience and professional background make her the ideal person to face the complex issues of the County Board of Education.- James "Jerry" Murphy, Retired UC Davis English Faculty

"Vote for Mommy Moreno." - daughters of Dr. Melissa Moreno

Titles are listed for informational purposes only.

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